Organizing a Bingo Fund Raising

There are different ways by which companies or organizations can generate an income. One example of income generating schemes is through fund raising.

If you want to maximize your fund raising projects, there is perhaps no better means than to organize a bingo social. Mind you, bingo is not just conducted by churches. Almost anybody can set-up one. If you don't have any idea of the steps or of the basic requirements, read on and discover the details in making your bingo social project successful.

The initial step in organizing a bingo fund raising project is to obtain a permit. You need to submit the name of your organization and your tax account number. This serves as evidence that you are an authentic charitable organization. If you don't have information on your tax account number, your head organization can help you out in obtaining such information. This is a requirement in most of the fund raising projects that you will conduct.

When your permit has been granted, the next step is to obtain your supplies. There are organizations that are dedicated to bingo supplies. You will need the bingo cards, chips for covering the called numbers and lastly the drum and balls. The drum is similar to the one used in lottery except that the drum contains the numbers associated with the numbers in the bingo cards.

The moment you have procured everything, the next step is to set the date and venue for the project. When that has been completed, you can now advertise the event, either through mails or posters around the community. As far as the game of bingo is concerned, you need not worry about the number of participants. The bingo supply company will provide you with sufficient cards capable of hosting a minimum of more than a hundred participants.

Lastly, you need to come up with a decision on the cash prize for every game of bingo. You can set a fixed prize or you can allot a certain portion of the total amount gathered for every game. However, you need to do this in advance. The only way that you can alter the set amount, if said amount is fixed, is when the amount exceeds the amount collected, which is unlikely.

In addition, you might also want to include some drinks, which you can opt to sell for a cheap cost or given for free after purchasing bingo cards.

Your fund raising bingo event can be fun and exciting if properly planned.