The Truth Behind Bingo bonuses

Admit it - you don't play Bingo just for the sake of enjoying the game. You don't buy Bingo cards for the sole purpose of helping charity funds. You also don't join online Bingo games just to have a fun-filled Bingo chatting experience with other players.

The majority, if not all, Bingo enthusiasts around the world play this game to win money. After all, each Bingo card you buy means investment on your part, that begs for something in return. But, as you know, Bingo is primarily driven by chance.

So what makes each Bingo player, including you, want more from this game?

Bingo event organizers, casino owners, and online Bingo website owners, offer bonuses to their players. This scheme is proven to entice players to join the game for improved chances of winning something. Some might consider Bingo bonuses as a way to increase their earnings. Others value their Bingo bonuses as a means to purchase more cards for less.

But, do these Bingo bonuses really work in your favor? Here are some tips that can enlighten Bingo players, like you, on Bingo bonuses:

Do you know if your Bingo bonus expires? Bingo sites usually expire their bonus grants within thirty days. These include deposit and chat game bonuses. So start your countdown now, and use your bonuses on time.

Your bonus money can never be redeemed as cash, so always remember that deposits and winnings are different from your bonus money. There are even sites which do not allow redeeming deposits.

There are sites which charge fines if you try to redeem your winnings. Worse, some reset your bonus money to 0. So, be careful, because many online Bingo sites do this to discourage cash-outs.

Do you know that online Bingo sites still retain the same payout, despite the amount of bonus money they give away per day? Most of them attain a payout range of about 70 percent on real cash.

Bingo Bonuses can both help and hurt. The increasing value of a large deposit bonus will always be an illusion. You can never redeem it since most Bingo sites have structured bonuses to discourage your plans of cashing with your winnings. Many consider these bonuses as a scam. But, this kind of setup also aims to foster greater distribution of winnings.

Whenever you have bonus money on hand, consider this as a mere illusion. And trying to make the bonus money real only means you have to get a bonus amount bigger than the net average in play.