Win in Bingo, and Win Big!

What makes bingo a great game to play is the cash prize you may win. The prize may be just enough to pay all the cards you bought, or so huge you wouldn't want to play bingo again for awhile. Still, to get to this goal you so want to earn, you have to win.

With your card (or cards) in hand, you have to match the given pattern in every game. The pattern can go simple-to-complicated, to tedious. Again, keep the cash prize in mind, and the tedious work will seem like nothing. The basic patterns are the "Any Patterns": any vertical line, any horizontal line, any diagonal line, any horizontal or vertical line, and any arrow pattern. The more complex ones are called "Static Patterns", because you have to follow the exact pattern in order to win. Static patterns include letters (the most common are A, Y, X, I, H, T and O.) and shapes, like "The Boat", "Anchor", "Heart", "Diamond", "Fish", "Box", and "Spiral". After giving the pattern, the caller will randomly draw a ball out of the 75 numbers that can be possibly placed on your card. Oftentimes, the caller pauses for 2 to 5 seconds before calling another number, so if you have many cards, better be quick or you'll miss that number! Don't fret, the number will also be displayed on the screen, so if ever you didn't clearly hear the number called, you can still see it. If you're the first to match the indicated pattern, shout BINGO! Some staff will assist you and verify your winning card. If it has been verified to be a winning card - congratulations! You win the prize! There might be cases that more than one matches the pattern at the same time. That is why the caller gives a little time for others to check, and recheck, their cards to see if they win, too. If this happens, it's either the winners get the same prize (if the prize is small) or they divide the big cash prize equally amongst the winners. Prizes can be given in cash or check. After all the joy of winning, another game will start.

You can't always, of course, win in bingo. You may even be bankrupt because of this. Congratulations if you win. If you don't, better luck next time. After all, this is just a game of luck. You can still always enjoy yourself, if you have the proper attitude.